The San Antonio Spurs are likely still heaving after winning the rights to the consensus number one draft pick Victor Wembanyama this year, and they're not the only one happy with the way the lottery fell.

Vincent Collett is Wembanyama's current head coach both at club level and for the French national team, and he could hardly be more effusive in his belief that the Spurs will be a great fit for the prodigious talent.

“It was the choice I was hoping for. San Antonio is a franchise that has built its legend with foreign players. We saw that in France with the prism of Tony Parker but there was also Manu Ginobili and others. I think Gregg Popovich can be the best mentor for him,” Collett told Yann Ohnona of L'Equipe.

As Collett alluded to, Victor Wembanyama would hardly be the first player who Gregg Popovich and the Spurs have been able to extract the best out of. He may, however, be the subject of the loftiest expectations they've ever had to meet.

Standing at around 7'5″ (reports about his actual height have varied, but this seems to be the official number that we've settled on) and with ball-handling and shooting ability, Wembanyama has been touted by many as the best talent of his generation, if not all-time–not exactly a claim that will be easy to live up to. According to Collett, however, he's certainly got the drive to get there.

“He is passionate, he's interested in everything. Much like Kobe Bryant, who he is a big fan of, he always wants to understand why he does things, thus, a different approach is needed,” the coach added.

And, as one of the most heralded coaches in NBA history, Gregg Popovich is as likely as anyone to nail that approach.