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Rumor: Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker intriguing options for Spurs this summer

kawhi leonard gregg popovich

The San Antonio Spurs could target a few big name free agents this offseason, bolstering their chances to keep their dynasty alive after a dubious season.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Western Conference powerhouse could have Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon and Milwaukee Bucks swingman Jabari Parker in its sights.

“The restricted-free-agent market might have more realistic targets for the Spurs,” wrote O’Connor. “Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker are intriguing options; the Spurs could fit either into their cap space (even if they extend Leonard) if they choose not to re-sign any pending free agents and the players with options decide to test the market.”

Unlike other teams hoping to garner a meeting with LeBron James and/or Paul George (both play the same position as Leonard), the Spurs will try to take a stab at this restricted free-agent market, hoping to capitalize on these teams’ indecisions.

The Magic didn’t make a qualifying offer for Gordon, who is having a career-best season as a more confident 3-point shooter and a more dynamic, well-rounded power forward.

The Bucks have had a myriad of questions surrounding Parker’s health and have been gun-shy of extending an offer to Parker, after making a big acquisition on Eric Bledsoe early in the season and after giving Antetokounmpo a four-year, $100 million deal.

Parker’s two ACL surgeries have been a reason for concern, despite showing a 20-point-per-game scorer’s potential last season before he got injured. The Bucks will make reasonable offers, but there is a strong chance they can let him walk if the Spurs can outbid them.