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League execs in the dark on the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard

kawhi leonard

Will he stay or will he go?

Those are the two most pressing questions when it comes to San Antonio Spurs disgruntled star Kawhi Leonard, who has remained the ghost of the NBA after reports of his desire to leave the Spurs went viral.

Since, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics, and other teams have held exploratory talks with the Spurs, but the latter have been rather underwhelmed with “flat-out unacceptable” offers for their star wing.

Yet the temperature for this particular situation has remained impossible to gauge, with teams having no indication of whether the Spurs feel forced to trade him or not.

“It’s weird, right? Where do you think he goes?” asked a Western Conference executive, according to Justin Tinsley of The Undefeated. “You gotta expect that he’s gone sooner than later. You don’t want that dragging into the season. And for someone like Kawhi, you absolutely have to get something in return. … It’s like the entire league is just waiting on the shoe to drop.”

The Spurs find themselves in such an uncharacteristic position that even they are having issues navigating it while the rest of the league remains in a space capsule, isolated from any information regarding the seriousness of this situation.

San Antonio has done things its way throughout the past two decades, and that has shown, as they are hardly ever mentioned in any trades, and their players usually leave only after their contracts expire, as it was recently the case with franchise icon Tony Parker and Kyle Anderson.

Leonard’s state of affairs remains a massive mystery in the Scooby-Doo-like hunt for a ghost, who may not show up until it’s time for the preseason to start, making this a rather long, uncomfortable wait for teams hoping to acquire him this summer.