Spurs video: San Antonio officially retires Tony Parker's no.9 jersey
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VIDEO: Spurs officially retire Tony Parker’s no.9 jersey

Tony Parker, Spurs

It’s official. The San Antonio Spurs have retired Tony Parker’s jersey. From this point on, no one can wear the black and white jersey with the No.9 etched on it.

Parker’s jersey was placed beside Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan in the rafters of the AT&T Center.

Parker is one of the most recognizable figures in basketball in the last two decades. He snagged a total of four titles with the Spurs. Their title reign in 2007 was special for him as he was crowned the NBA Finals MVP.

And in between these titles, the Spurs never fell out of the radar. They were always considered a contender every season. It didn’t matter if they squeezed out a dominant regular season or not. As long as they’re in the playoffs, analysts always believed that they had a legitimate shot at that Larry O’Brien trophy.

And that wasn’t possible without the Spurs’ floor general. Like all great guards, Parker had court vision and supreme passing ability. But what set him apart was his speed and the capacity to finish well in the paint. His spin move never failed to render defenders helpless, and his teardrop floater was one of the most feared shots in the league for quite some time.

The Spurs’ decision to retire Parker’s jersey was a decision made out of instinct. It is a known fact that Parker is one of the greats of the game, and he forged his legacy wearing that black and white jersey.