The Denver Broncos lost a historic game against the Miami Dolphins by the score of 70-20 on Sunday, and offensive lineman Garett Bolles got brutally honest about the emotions he feels after the loss.

“S**t. S**t,” Garett Bolles said, via Scotty Gange of 9NEWS. “Tired of losing man. I've been here for seven years and all I've done is lost. And it's frustrating.”

It was not the fault of the Broncos offense that they lost to the Dolphins, even though there were mistakes that caused a lot of harm in the first half. The defense was just not competitive. Broncos defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is getting a lot of heat. It was always going to be interesting for Vance Joseph, given that he was the head coach of the Broncos years ago and was fired.

Bolles was drafted by the Broncos in 2017, and he is right that he has only lost since coming into the league with the team. The Broncos have not gone above .500 since the 2016 season, which was when they went 9-7 and missed the playoffs. It was the year after they won Super Bowl 50.

The Broncos are now 0-3 on the season after losing to the Dolphins. Sean Payton was supposed to come in and improve the offense and Russell Wilson's play, and it has to some extent, but the defense has let the team down.

Next week will be a battle of 0-3 teams. The Broncos will play the Chicago Bears on the road, as both teams will be looking to get their seasons back on track.