Among the slate of Star Wars films is director James Mangold‘s Dawn of the Jedi film which, as name describes, would explore the early days of the Jedi Order. What was not as clear was how early in the Jedi Order's days the film would explore, but a tease from one of Star Wars' regular producers may have given fans an answer.

Longtime Star Wars producer Simon Emanuel, whose credits include The Acolyte and Rogue One, dropped the tease about Mangold's upcoming film while speaking with SFX Magazine, via ComicBookMovie. Emanuel hinted that the film could very well delve into the very first Jedi who began the order, giving audiences a glimpse at just how different it was in its heyday compared to the prequel trilogy.

“James Mangold's Jedi Prime is set thousands and thousands of years before [the original trilogy], and I'm really excited to see what happens there,” Emanuel said.

His statement also hints that Mangold's film could end up releasing under a different title, though nothing has been confirmed.

Star Wars Episode 1 playing on a movie screen in a packed theater

Emanuel's comment is in reference to the Prime Jedi, who is considered to be the first person in the Star Wars' universe to ever use the Force. This mysterious individual would go on to create the Jedi Order on the planet Ahch-To, where the first temple and original Jedi texts would remain until the latter were destroyed by Yoda during Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi.

Audiences get a brief glimpse at the Prime Jedi inside one of the temple chambers where a mosaic of them is on the floor that looks like Star Wars' version of the yin-yang symbol. Concept artist Seth Engstrom said he used the Taoist symbol as his main source of inspiration when creating the mosaic in 2016.

The mosaic is split between rocks that are various shades of white, yellow, and brown, with the lighter stones representing the light side and the brown stones representing the dark side, and the Prime Jedi's lightsaber separating the two sides. Engstrom said the mosaic was meant to reflect the balance between light and dark the Prime Jedi was able to achieve while in the meditative state.

The Jedi ways of old

Getting to see the Prime Jedi would also give an eye-opening look at how vastly different the early Jedi were compared to the Jedi Order by the time The Clone Wars begin.

Various canon and legends books and comics depicting the early days of the Jedi show the early Jedi were not afraid to tap into the dark side, believing both light and dark were necessary for a Jedi to achieve true balance in the Force. However, it would eventually lead to schism as some believed more vehemently in philosophies of the light side or dark side, resulting in the Jedi and Sith most fans recognize today.

By the time of the prequels, the Jedi Order is shown to be a much more dogmatic organization that willingly inserts itself into the galaxies affairs rather than simply being “peacekeepers.” This would ultimately play a key role in the order's destruction at the hands of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader, though some Jedi would live on to teach new students.