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Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger opens up about past addictions

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger has undergone plenty of trials and tribulations throughout his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. While speaking at the ManUp Pittsburgh conference alongside former player Tunch Ilkin, Roethlisberger opened up about his past addictions.

“I’ve fallen as short as anybody,” Roethlisberger said while speaking with former Steelers player Tunch Ilkin, one of the program’s hosts. “I’ve been addicted to alcohol. I’ve been addicted to pornography, which makes me then not the best husband, not the best father, not the best Christian I can be. You have to dedicate yourself and understand that you can get out of it because of the grace of God.”

Earlier in Roethlisberger’s career, he had some off-the-field issues that caused concern. Back in 2006, the former No. 11 pick in the 2004 NFL Draft would be involved in a motorcycle accident. Despite being in serious condition, Roethlisberger would miraculously play in the 2006 season.

In the next few years after his accident, Roethlisberger would have two sexual assault allegations made against him. However, neither of the accusations made ended with him being proven guilty.

Then, just a season ago, Roethlisberger would sustain a season-ending elbow injury. The 17-year Steelers veteran explained how last season’s injury has aided him with his past addictions.

“I’m so thankful this injury happened in the walk I’m in now,” he said. “I’m not sure I’d have been able to handle it seven, eight, 10 years ago. My faith wouldn’t have been as strong.”

Even at this point in his career, Roethlisberger is a polarizing figure in the NFL. But just like everyone else, the Steelers quarterback does his best to battle his inner demons.

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