Steelers news: Mason Rudolph's agent addresses Myles Garrett incident
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Steelers QB Mason Rudolph’s agent addresses Myles Garrett incident vs. Browns

Mason Rudolph, Myles Garrett

The incident between Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett is the biggest talking point so far this season. After a skirmish that resulted in Garrett taking the Oklahoma State product’s helmet off and using it to hit him over the head, everyone in and out of the league is chiming in.

Everyone from players from both teams and in the rest of the league, sports analysts, coaches, etc. Everybody has an opinion on the situation at hand. And all of them point to how Garrett is out of line for how he escalated the situation.

Mason Rudolph’s agents at Younger and Associates/QB Limited concurred. They gave a more in-depth reasoning as to why their client should have never received that blow to the head via Twitter.

Yes, quarterbacks take a beating every game as they’re constantly at risk of being hit by 250+ pound linemen running at them every game. But they are not expected to be beaten over the head with their own helmet by the same linemen coming after them as if it’s a real-life NFL Blitz game.

And as for the catastrophic ending that Rudolph’s team is referring to, the second-year quarterback is still coming off of a concussion from little over a month ago that left him unconscious and knocked out. The actions of the former first overall pick are being called “inexcusable” by his own team. And the league will be looking into everything that came from that brawl between both teams.