The Pittsburgh Steelers extended quarterback Mitchell Trubisky after just one season with the team. The extension covers him for the next three seasons as he prepares to make Pittsburgh his home for the foreseeable future. After starting last season as the starter, he will come into this one as a reserve.

Trubisky said it was an “easy decision” to sign an extension with the Steelers, according to Joe Rutter of TribLIVE. The deal lessens his cap hit and made the 28-year-old quarterback happy. He is fully aware of his status as a backup and is simply just looking to be the best version of himself.

“You have to compartmentalize,” the Steelers quarterback said, via TribLIVE. “I come here and know my role, but I’m also competing and trying to be the best player I can be. When you push for that and you continue to compete and push yourself to get better, things are going to work out…If I come here with a great attitude and work my tail off, then everything will work out the way it should. Honestly, I feel I got rewarded with an extension. Not many guys can say they’ve been around six or seven years like I have now. That’s a blessing in itself.”

Mitchell Trubisky is rewriting the story of his career with his realization that a backup role suits him. After failing as a starter, he knows that there is a large chasm separating him from stardom. Rather than stubbornly try to carve his own path there with another team whose quarterback situation is uncertain, the former second overall pick is at peace with being a backup and is finding comfort with the Steelers.

The Steelers may be looking to build around young QB Kenny Pickett but having an experienced quarterback back him up can only help him. This is especially the case for someone who cares about the team and knows what his role will be. Pittsburgh is eager to develop Pickett into their franchise guy but it won't be a straightforward development. Having Trubisky should help the team in that goal, even if only a little bit.