The Pittsburgh Steelers have seemingly been linked to every potentially available quarterback on the market this offseason, with Justin Fields, Kirk Cousins, and Russell Wilson all rumored to hold the team's interest.

On Thursday, Steelers GM Omar Khan was asked directly about the rumors, per Mike DeFabo of The Athletic:

After being asked if he was trading for Fields, the conversation with the Steelers GM went as follows:

KHAN: “I'm not going to go into details about the conversations that we've had. But like I mentioned earlier, I can tell you I have an obligation to look at every avenue that's out there to try to make us a better football team. ”

REPORTER: “How about Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson? And everybody else you've been running with this on.

KHAN: “Yeah, same answer.

REPORTER: “There weren't discussions? ”

KHAN: “I'm not going to get into any detailed conversations.”

Khan made it a point to say he has faith in Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett and also appreciates what Mason Rudolph did last season. However, his main responsibility is making sure the Steelers put the best team on the field that they possibly can.

“I have an obligation to this organization, to the players, to the front office, to every member of the Steeler nation, to look at every option and every way of trying to improve this team. And we’re going to do so,” said Kahn.

The latest betting odds favor Wilson over the incumbent Pickett to be the Steelers' starting quarterback in Week 1 next season. Fields is third in the betting odds.