Stephen A. Smith is known for sharing his views on various subjects. Now, he's turning his attention to the entertainment industry, pondering the level of support within the Black community for Will Smith. At the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith sparked controversy by approaching Chris Rock on stage and slapping him in response to a joke made about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Many believed that Smith's career would be permanently derailed after the incident. But, it appears that Smith is doing just fine for himself following the incident.

His newest film “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” starring alongside Martin Lawrence, has become a box-office hit in its debut weekend at the theaters. Per Deadline, the movie grossed a $56 million opening weekend domestically as well as $48.6 million internationally. Already the film has boasted $104.6 million in box office revenue. The movie has also received rave reviews from fans, earning a 97% audience score on Rotton Tomatoes.

Despite the success of Will Smith's latest venture, Stephen A. Smith believes that Will Smith still needs to atone for his incident with Chris Rock.

“But Chris Rock is damaged,” Smith said. “In the day and age of mental illness or traumatic incidences that affects one mind and psyche and what have you. Yeah. You might see him at Knicks games. Yeah. You might see him still going about the business of performing on tour or doing his job or handling his business. Chris Rock will never get over that.”

While Stephen A. acknowledges that Will apologized, he believes that there should be more done on Will's part to further rectify the situation.

“But somewhere along the way, he has to sit down and talk to the black community. You can see all the white people around Will Smith all you want to. Black folks have loved and revered this man for decades. He was the closest thing to perfection. As his friend, Charlie Mack once told me for decades, everybody makes a mistake.

Smith continued, “This is not hatred. I love Will Smith still, but you got to have a conversation as to why you did that. And when you're apologizing and when you getting emotional and when you're thinking about all the lives or the people that you've affected, it's primarily us as black people who have loved and supported you and watched you go on an international stage and slap one of us in the face. And tarnished a historic event for one of the great black producers of modern times in Will Packer, possibly costing yourself and Antoine Fuqua and Oscar for ‘Emancipation' along the way.”

Stephen A's comments were met with harsh disapproval on social media following the premiere of the segment of his podcast speaking about the topic. Many people flooded his social media to show their disapproval with his take.

“Stephen A Smith greatly overestimate his place in our hearts and underestimate Will Smith's,” posted @CerromeRussell.

“The film debuted with over 100 million this weekend globally, it is projected to make 400-500M. You just talk for the sake of talking, but the theaters are full. You are the only one who thinks this way, the cinemas and box offices say otherwise,” posted @PrevisDaniel.

“Nobody cares what Stephen A. Smith is saying about something that is now 2 years old! The attendance and the fans loving on Will Smith in the video below proves it! Stephen A. Smith needs to discuss something more important,” posted @Phrozensolid06.

“He already did Red Table Talk, he apologized to Chris and reached out to him. The Academy already suspended him for 10 years. It’s time to move past this,” posted @alcolestudios.

“Will Smith already talked about it and moved on from it. Why is it necessary to keep talking on it? Even Chris Rock let it go at this point. Why not talk about the positives of his career,” posted @TokyoAux.

@SilencerGG had a lengthy retort to Stephen A., posting,

“I don’t understand why you even bringing this up.

No one in the black community out here was even thinking about this. Their business is their business. The community doesn’t need to be involved. It’s a man to man thing if Chris do or don’t want to talk to him. Will smith did a public apology and was genuine about it. Chris did his Netflix special after the apology. That man don’t want to talk to him. And that’s fine. There is no world where anyone thinks with logic that will needs to sit and talk to a man that don’t really want to or care to talk to him. When Chris is ready I’m sure he would be it’s Been a hot minute since this situation was a situation and you talking about it is like scratching at a scab You didn’t need to but you did.

Don’t say that’s your job brah. Your content must be drying up cuz the nba playoffs aren’t every night and you have no other content to speak on Bad boyz did 104 million the first weekend. Will smith is good brah”

Meanwhile, Stephen A. is already planning to respond to the backlash to his statements on the next edition of his podcast.

“Yep. I said it. But I have some additional thoughts — thinking about all that Will & Martin have done for us all — especially after talking to my man Charlie Mack. I’ve got more to say on “The Stephen A. Smith Show/Podcast” tomorrow.”