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Stephen Curry’s mouthguard sold at an auction for over three grand

Stephen Curry’s image would not be complete without his famous mouthguard, making it iconic in its own way.

As such, that particular item of the league’s back-to-back Most Valuable Player became an auction piece at SCP Auction, a California-based website.

Interestingly enough, someone took the plunge and got it for quite a hefty amount, per ESPN’s Darren Rovell. Apart from claiming that it was found by a fan during a Golden State Warriors road game and it had Curry’s name, no further description was provided about the item.

A Stephen Curry mouthguard found by a fan at a Golden State Warriors road game in December was sold for $3,190 on Sunday morning in an online auction.

California-based SCP Auctions handled the sale. In June, SCP vice president Dan Imler said he expected the mouthguard to sell for at least $5,000.

It’s crazy that something like that sold for over three thousand dollars, but in the same auction, there were also traditionally rare items that went out for even bigger sums.

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