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Stephon Marbury’s career has been revitalized to championship success in China

Stephon Marbury had a tumultuous NBA career. His skills on the court were unquestionable, earning him two All-Star nods and a slew of individual honors, yet it was his attitude, his off-court antics and his brash words that made him a pariah among his peers.

Officials disliked him, his teammates were irked with his presence and even the most patient of coaches had their limits tested by Starbury’s antics. With his NBA career plagued by controversy, Marbury decided to pack his bags and play in China.

Years later, it seems that the 39-year-old guard’s decision has finally earned him a measure of success and most importantly, peace. In the video below, Marbury looks back at how his rebirth was fueled by his time playing in China and how he has morphed from a brash player to a humble yet confident superstar with his current team, the Beijing Ducks.

From a player that NBA teams were loathe to approach, Marbury has turned into a superstar in China. Leading the Ducks to three CBA championships and garnering All-Star honors and a Finals MVP award in the process, Marbury’s passion for basketball has finally found an environment where it can be nurtured and harnessed.

Chinese fans are appreciative of the player they call Ma Bu Li, Marbury’s teammates and coaches are proud of their foreign-born star while opponents are wary of his flying kick layup. The ex-NBA star even has a statue in front of Beijing’s MasterCard Center, a testament to how much he means to the city.

Stephon Marbury’s love affair with China continues. He just recently became a permanent resident of the country and an autobiographical movie entitled “My Other Home” is due to be released some time in the near future.

For many ex-NBA stars, a stint in China is seen as a temporary pit stop on their way back to NBA. For Marbury, it has been a catalyst to achieving stability and success.

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