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Steve Ballmer looking at augmented reality to improve fan experience during games

If you’ve watched any L.A. Clippers game during the past three seasons, there isn’t a more enthusiastic fan than owner Steve Ballmer. The multi-billionaire is as rabid a fan as a 61-year-old can get, often involved in the action of his team from the first to the last whistle.

Ballmer is as proactive as any owner in the league and has been known to “hate” seeing fans looking at their phones during games, according to Katie Roof of Tech Crunch.

The media mogul has reportedly looked into getting augmented reality to improve the experience at the arena.

People looking at phones is just part of the new generation of technology, which now has the internet completely incorporated with just about any aspect of life, and the major reason why front row fans get hit in the face with loose balls.

Augmented reality can make the arena experience more immersive, but could also take away from game action if not handled delicately, but given how Ballmer has handled most of his start-ups, it will undoubtedly be something worth incorporating.

Fans are often choosing to stick around at home and watch a game through their 4K HDTV or even a 3D TV, which is just as clear as watching it from one of the jumbo screens in the arena (for most of us that don’t have the dough to buy front row seats).

Ballmer’s idea might just incentivize fans to take a trip to the Staples Center and watch the Clippers live, but roster decisions will have to take precedent before plugging in technological advances. After all, a team has to perform in order to draw crowds into watching them play.