Steve Kerr's net worth in 2024 is $45 million. Kerr is one of those guys who seems like he has been in the NBA forever. He won five NBA titles as a player and four as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

In December 2021, Team USA named Kerr head coach to replace Gregg Popovich. So let's take a look at Steve Kerr's net worth in 2024.

What is Steve Kerr's net worth in 2024?: $45 million (estimate)

Steve Kerr as a player and a coach.

As of 2024, Steve Kerr is worth $45 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This should only continue to climb when his two-year, $35 million contract extension kicks in.

This should make Steve Kerr's wife Margot Kerr very happy. No wonder they could afford to pay $7.35 million for a mansion in the Bay Area.

During his playing days, Kerr was actually just a valuable role player. He was nowhere near superstar-caliber, but there's no denying that he played a crucial role for both the Bulls and the Spurs during all five of those championships.

Steve Kerr is drafted by the Suns

It all started in 1988 for Kerr when he was selected 50th overall by the Phoenix Suns. He was coming off a four-year stint with Arizona, where he averaged 12.6 points, 2.0 rebounds, and 3.9 assists as a senior. He did not exactly take the NBA by storm, and in his first season, he actually earned just $100,000 in salary.

Kerr was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers after his rookie season and again to the Orlando Magic a couple of years later. In that three-year span, Kerr was pocketing roughly $500,000 per season.

Steve Kerr signs with the Bulls

Kerr entered free agency in 1993, and when the Chicago Bulls called, Kerr could not pass up the opportunity to take part in the Bulls dynasty (although Michael Jordan went on his hiatus year that season) — even if it meant a substantial decrease in pay. This came out to the tune of just $150,000 in his first season with the Bulls.

Over the next four seasons with the Bulls, Kerr earned a grand total of $2.92 million. By 1999, Kerr was a three-time NBA champ and was a highly coveted player.

Steve Kerr joins the Spurs

He agreed to a sign-and-trade deal with the Spurs amounting to $11 million for five years. Finally, after a decade in the league, Kerr finally hit the $1 million mark in annual salary in his first season with San Antonio.

Kerr spent three years with the Spurs, was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers for a single season, and was traded back to San Antonio for a final season before calling it a career in 2003. All in all, Kerr is estimated to have earned $15.8 million in 14 years as a player.

Steve Kerr retires as a player from the NBA

After his retirement, Kerr pursued a career in broadcasting, serving as a basketball analyst for TNT. In 2004, he was part of the group that closed in on purchasing the Phoenix Suns for $300 million from Jerry Colangelo. The deal fell through, but Kerr ended up joining the Suns as part of their front office.

Three years of serving as a consultant for the team, the Suns appointed him as the new general manager. He stepped down from his role in 2010, but it was reported that he continued to own a small stake in the team as far along as 2014. It is unclear how much Kerr was able to earn during his stint as a broadcaster, a team executive, and a part-owner, but surely, that would have been a substantial amount.

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Steve Kerr becomes head coach of the Warriors

In 2014, Kerr emerged as one of the most sought-after candidates as a head coach, despite not having any experience. He finally ended up with the Warriors, who signed him to a five-year contract worth $25 million. At $5 million per season, he was earning much more than he was during his playing days.

Kerr's success with the Warriors is well-documented. When he led the Dubs to their first title in 2015, he was the first rookie coach to have lifted the championship since Pat Riley in 1982. He then spearheaded Golden State's historic 73-win season in 2016, which earned him Coach of the Year honors.

Steve Kerr signs first extension with Warriors

In 2018, with just one year remaining on his five-year deal with the Warriors, Kerr penned a multiyear extension with the team. This was a no-brainer for the Warriors, as the head coach was an integral part of the team's dynasty.

The details of the extension were never made public. However, reports state that the new deal was worth “at least double” his previous contract. This meant that Kerr's new pay structure was upwards of $10 million per season.

Kerr's latest contract extension dwarfed the previous one. Once it kicks in, he will be the highest-paid coach in NBA history. Nevertheless, were you surprised by Steve Kerr's net worth in 2024?