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Steve Kerr warns against complacency : “It was 2-0 last year, and we lost.”

Steve Kerr

In all honesty, these Finals have not been too competitive. This goes hand in hand with the playoffs being even worse, where you already know who would win each series (with an exception in a few East series) before they even started. Unfortunately for most NBA fans, other than Warriors fans, this has been the case this year and might be the case for years to come.

The coach of the aforementioned Warriors, Steve Kerr, is a person who just started coaching this team in the playoffs, as Mike Brown took over after Game 2 in the Portland series, due to medical issues Kerr had with his back. Right now, Kerr is trying to take things slow with both his recovery, but also his team.

After Game 2 ended, Kerr spoke to the media and one of the questions was about the historical impact of this team and how remarkable were they up until this point. As ASAP Sports reports, Kerr had no intention of counting out Cavaliers.

“Well, it’s been a great run,” responded Kerr. “but none of that matters unless we can finish the job with this series. We know, trust me, we know. It was 2-0 last year and we lost. So playing an unbelievably good, competitive team, dominant team. They have, what, two, three losses the whole Playoffs. Now we got to go back there. This is where the series changed last year, so we’re just trying to think about the next game.”

It is a fair point Kerr made, but there are key differences to last year. Obviously, the Dubs have the 7-foot scoring monster in Kevin Durant who has raised his defensive game as well, which is something the Cavaliers and Tyronn Lue could not respond to in the first two games. Along with that, Stephen Curry has been instrumental and this one-two punch is enough to get the best of teams on their knees.

However, it is normal for Kerr to try and calm the hype, just because the job is not finished yet. There are still two more wins the Dubs need to take from the Cavs, and there is no time for early celebrations, especially not against the King, LeBron James.