Pokemon Cards have always been a target by collectors as the value of the cards tends to double, triple, or even get to greater heights. With adults having more money expendable than the younger generation, Pokemon cards have been selling out in various regions of the world, and in the case of Japan, one store in Akihabara has made drastic measures and started banning adults from bulk buying Pokemon cards.

Why Pokemon Cards are wildly selling out and why it is freakishly expensive

Pokemon cards have always been so popular as the franchise has evolved for over 26 years and everyone knows that their value gets doubled, tripled, or even more as we have mentioned in the introduction of this article. Some of the most expensive cards have sold for about a hundred thousand US Dollars to even millions of US Dollars.

There was a card that was sold recently at the Heritage Trading Card Games Auction where a total of $2.4M. Pokemon cards were sold at the event. This includes a sealed 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box which sold for $237.5k and a Base Set Test Print Uncurt Sheet which was sold for $250k. There are more Pokemon Cards that are being sold at an ungodly price. There was this rare Pokemon Illustrator card that sold for $480k, a Charizard 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set which sold for $420k, and an Illustrator CoroCoro Comics Promo (Pikachu illustrator card) that got sold for a whopping $6M!

These cards, of course, needed the right amount of time to mature their value, and this was something that did not happen overnight. This is enough reason to believe why Pokemon Trading Cards have been selling out wildly everywhere and forced this specific store to start banning bulk buying for adults.

Bulk buying Pokemon Cards is not happening in Japan's store

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Hareruya 2, the self-proclaimed world's largest Pokemon Trading Card specialty store in Akihabara, Japan, tweeted that on April 30, it will have an allocated section of Pokemon Cards for younger Trainers.

According to the translation of the tweet, they will only be selling packs for customers that are junior high school students on the 1st floor. Sales will end as soon as each pack runs out for the day and “Up to a total of 10 packs per person per day” is allowed. Staff may check and ask to confirm your age by presenting IDs for validity.

While most stores would want their stocks to be sold out immediately, Hareruya 2 aims to accommodate younger players to be able to enjoy the game even further rather than to make a profit which is quite noble of them.  With this move, Hareruya 2 hopes to block adult resellers and make the new cards more accessible to children.

While Pokemon cards are always sought after by the old and the young, the value of these trading cards will not slow down and will continue to gain value. Check out the current list of the most expensive Pokemon cards in the Scarlet and Violet expansion which includes Miriam (Ultra Rare), Koraidon ex (Special Illustration Rare), Gardevoir ex (Special Illustration Rare), Miraidon ex (Special Illustration Rare), and the Miriam (Special Illustration Rare).

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