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Annapurna Interactive announces Storyteller, a nine-year-old project

Annapurna Interactive announces that they will be publishing Storyteller, a game by Daniel Benmergui that started development almost a decade ago.

Storyteller gives us massive Scribblenauts vibes. It asks you to solve puzzles by putting together settings, characters, titles, and other elements into one cohesive storyboard. Just like Scribblenauts, you can get creative with how you want to tell your story, and each one will unfold with animations based on how you placed them on your storyboard.

You can check out Storyteller‘s newest trailer, as shown in the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, below:

Annapurna Interactive plans to release Storyteller on both Nintendo Switch and PC. Admittedly, this game seems to fit both platforms, but we’re hopeful that it will also eventually be released to others. Hopefully, a mobile port comes along the way. Nevertheless, the game’s release date still isn’t committed – not even with a year. Thankfully, the game currently has a demo on Steam that you can check out if you want to see how the game actually plays. Unfortunately, that’s all we can share right now, as Daniel Benmergui still puts the finishing touches on the game. Who knows when this game will finally come out? We’ll still wait for its release, regardless.