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Suns legend Charles Barkley drops new NBA ‘super teams’ truth bomb

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Phoenix Suns, Charles Barkley

Phoenix Suns all-time great Charles Barkley hit out at modern-day NBA stars and the so-called “super teams” once again.

Being one of the toughest post players in the league during his time, Suns legend Charles Barkley is well aware of how modern-day big men could dominate the paint.

As an outspoken NBA analyst, Barkley has been fuming over the seemingly softer era and the fact that team higher-ups are green lighting the formation of “super teams,” something his generation didn’t have.

Moreover, Barkley pointed out that players are so “pampered” by their teams these days that they even got professional nutritionists watching their diet.

“There’s barely any contact in today’s game, but you used to be able to crossbow a guy to keep him out of the paint,” the 11-time NBA All-Star told The Onion.

“These players are so pampered with their private flights—I’d like to see one of them thrive after a transatlantic trip across ocean waters,” he added. “Everybody’s trying to buddy up and make super teams. Back then, you’d lose half of your teammates to dysentery by All-Star break.”

Indeed, Barkley himself dealt with the trouble of staying in shape during his playing years. In fact, he once admitted that he intentionally overate in the hopes that the Philadelphia 76ers would cut him for being fat.

“I get on the scale and I weigh 302 [lbs]. And the owner of the Sixers calls me every name in the book. And I’m trying to kinda laugh on the inside, like, ‘dude then don’t draft me.’ But I was trying to be professional,” he revealed via Slam.