Suns news: Charles Barkley embarrassed by another awful Phoenix start
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Charles Barkley embarrassed by another awful Suns start

Charles Barkley, Suns

NBA legend Charles Barkley, who rose to prominence during his stint with the Phoenix Suns, is embarrassed by another bad start by his former team.

Per NBA on TNT, check out Barkley’s reaction upon discovering that the Suns were on their way to ending the first quarter scoring fewer than 10 points … again:

This is the third time this season that the Suns have scored less than 10 points in the first quarter. From their founding year in 1968 to 2017, they scored at least 10 points in the first quarter of every game. This year, the record was broken thrice, including their last game against the Sacramento Kings:

As of this writing, Phoenix currently sports a 4-20 record — the worst in the NBA. They have lost nine of the last 10 games, and with superstar Devin Booker out of the lineup due to a hamstring injury, things aren’t looking good for the Suns. There is no set timeline for his return, but Phoenix is definitely playing it safe given his injury history.

Despite this, Barkley — who has built a reputation for his frankness — doesn’t see this as an excuse for his former team to perform this bad. It has been over two decades since he last donned the Suns jersey. Yet he’s still clearly attached to the franchise and wishes them to do well. It seems impossible now for the Suns to flick some type of switch. But just like Barkley, we hope that they will never score under 10 points in the first quarter ever again.