Anthony Edwards just recently released a new signature shoe with Adidas. It looks amazing and it will probably fly off the shelves. However, Kevin Durant entered the chat and Adidas fired back with a now-deleted tweet.

While showcasing his new shoe, Edwards was asked which player he'd like to see wear it, according to Nice Kicks. The Minnesota Timberwolves star immediately named Kevin Durant.

Soon after the video dropped, Durant responded with a little dig at Edwards. The Phoenix Suns star is signed with Nike. So, he made sure to let everyone know he'll never wear Edwards' signature shoe.

“Won’t EVER see me put a big toe in them Mfers.”

That's when things took a wild turn. Rather than Anthony Edwards responding, the official Adidas account responded with a bit of a roast of their own. However, it was deleted shortly after as it was extremely unprofessional. But funny, nonetheless. It would not be shocking if someone was fired after sending this tweet.


That Adidas intern came off the top rope for that one. I mean, Kevin Durant isn't really dusty. Let's be real here. The guy is 35 years old and is currently averaging just over 31 points per game this season. He's been one of the top players in the league since his rookie year in 2007.

But that Adidas intern didn't care. They were simply trying to defend Anthony Edwards‘ new signature shoe. However, that person just went the totally wrong way about it. Also, do you really want to get into a Twitter argument with Kevin Durant? He's probably going to remember this and seek revenge at some point.

The Suns don't play the Timberwolves agains until April. So, maybe Durant will wait until then to get back at Edwards and Adidas.