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Ryan McDonough says he was fired by Suns over the phone

Ryan McDonough

The Phoenix Suns fired general manager Ryan McDonough a week before the 2018-19 season started and the former Suns architect tells Rachel Nichols of ESPN he learned about his dismissal over the phone.

McDonough joined the Suns in 2013. The franchise never appeared in the playoffs and was riddled with dysfunction.

Nichols: “You were in the room when you got fired. So, I can ask someone who was in the room. What did they tell you? What was the reason they gave you?”

McDonough: “Well, I probably don’t want to go into specifics of the call, Rachel. It was, as I mentioned, it was our third preseason game.”

Nichols: “It was over the phone?”

McDonough: “Yeah.”

James Jones and Trevor Bukstein will share the GM duties on an interim basis for the Suns, who have started the season 2-7.

Under Ryan McDonough, the Suns had a record of just 155-255. A case could be made the only two good moves McDonough made during his tenure were drafting star shooting guard Devin Booker and big man Deandre Ayton. Other than that, McDonough’s run in Phoenix was filled with disappointment and many losing seasons.

Back in 2016, former Suns and current Heat point guard Goran Dragic had some choice words for McDonough and the Suns. Dragic played for the Suns for six years before the traded him to the Heat.

“It feels like they’re always changing something,” Dragic told Yahoo Sports. “They’re not like Miami, San Antonio, those teams that are really loyal when they find something.”