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Video: Danuel House Jr. throws pass to himself off backboard, finishes with powerful dunk

daniel house jr

The Phoenix Suns’ Danuel House Jr. has been in the league for two years but it’s just now that his name is being heard. And it seems that his name will echo further into the future after a monster slam against the Golden State Warriors.

In their game against the Warriors, House Jr. casually passed the ball to himself off the backboard and slammed it down. Below is the clip as posted on the Suns’ official Twitter account.

The dunk’s impact was felt all over. The crowd roared. Draymond Green was simply stunned either in frustration that the defense allowed such a highlight, or was stunned in amazement.

House Jr., entered the NBA in 2016 as an undrafted rookie. He played just one game for the Washington Wizards, snagging one rebound in just 50 seconds of action against the Cleveland Cavaliers. A fractured wrist forced him out of action for six weeks and was subsequently waived soon after.

He had a stint in the G League and come December 2017, he signed a two-way contract with the Suns, playing with the team and its G League counterpart, the Northern Arizona Suns.

For the season with the Suns, he’s logging in 4.4 points a game and 2.5 rebounds in 12.3 minutes.

The highlight might serve as a confidence booster for House Jr. Only a few undrafted players have made a lasting impact in the NBA. Yet he seems full of potential. Not everyone has the courage to lob the ball to one’s self. Not against any talented NBA team. Not against the defending champions, the Warriors.