Super Mega Baseball 4 launched last week. The larger-than-life baseball arcade game comes with a boatload of new features, and many old ones that fans are familiar with. For players new to the series, you may be wondering how to adjust difficulty settings. In SMB4, difficulty is known as Ego, which is a fully customizable difficulty slider that affects your experience.

Here's an explanation on the game's Ego Mode.

Super Mega Baseball 4 Ego Mode Explained

There's technically two different ways to adjust difficulty in Super Mega Baseball 4, or two different Ego Modes. Whenever you press start on the main menu you'll see your profile on the right, and under your name you'll see Ego. Ego, as mentioned earlier, is a difficulty slider that determines how well your AI opponents play.

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You can change the Ego in multiple ways. By pressing start, you can press Change Ego, which will allow you to slide the number anywhere from 0-99, 0 being the easiest, 99 being difficult. You can also change the ego before an Exhibition match starts, under the team you've selected. Here are the different difficulty levels:

  • 0-9 – Easy
  • 10-19 – Casual
  • 20-29 – Medium
  • 30-39 – Tough
  • 40-49 – Serious
  • 50-59 – Hard
  • 60-69 – Extreme
  • 70-79 – Elite
  • 80-89 – Master
  • 90-99 Super Mega

The nice thing about Ego is that it can always be changed, even for modes like Franchise and Season. So in case you're winning every game a little too easily, you can always adjust the difficulty mid-season.

However, there's a more in-depth way to adjust Ego Mode

Toggle Ego Mode

In the start menu or before an Exhibition match, you can select the “Toggle Ego Mode option”. This will allow you to adjust the difficulty of every aspect of the game. Pitching, Batting, Baserunning, and Catching difficulty levels can all be adjusted separately. They all have sliders from 0-99


Massimo Marchiano ·

For example, say you're a good pitcher, but you need help with your batting. You can set the opponents batting skill to a high level (since you're good at pitching). Then, you can set the opponent's pitching skill to a low level. This way allows you to create a difficulty experience that fits your play style. It's very convenient for both new and seasoned players who want the game have a specific difficulty level.

As you can see, there's a wide variety of ways Super Mega Baseball 4's difficulty can be adjusted.

Super Mega Baseball 4 launched on June 2nd for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SNintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The game comes with two editions. There's a standard edition, and the Ballpark Edition, which will add three new stadiums over the course of the summer. EA Play Members can also play a 10-hour trial of the game and get it for 10% off.

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