Before the March Madness hiatus, SWAT left fans on a gripping cliffhanger as Luca was shot multiple times while attempting to stop a robbery in progress. We learned Luca’s fate in this episode, and 20 Squad was able to track down the shooters and bring them to justice.

Keep reading to learn what happened in Season 7, Episode Seven of SWAT, titled “Last Call.” Warning: Spoilers ahead.

What happened in SWAT Season 7, Episode Seven

At the beginning of the episode, we see the team learning of Luca’s shooting and rushing to the hospital, where doctors inform Hondo and the rest of the team that Luca is touch and go. One of the bullets came close to his heart, and he's fighting for his life.

Hondo talks with Hicks, who insists that another team is going to take the case because Luca's shooting hits too close to home for 20 Squad. However, Hondo argues it should fall on his team, and ultimately 20 Squad is given the green light.

The team finally gets some good news, learning that Luca made it through the surgery and is likely to recover. The doctor explains that the bullet missed his heart by mere millimeters, and that even a slightly different angle would have resulted in Luca losing his life. Meanwhile, the LAPD was able to trace the getaway car to Omar Woodman, and Hondo’s team is given the order to take the suspect into custody.

We see a briefly uplifting scene where Luca returns to SWAT HQ and is reunited with the team. He reads everybody in on his progress and plans for rehab, and his excitement to rejoin the team can't be disguised. SWAT is Luca’s life: He's third generation, he hasn't married or had kids, and has dedicated his entire life to being the best SWAT officer he could be. He shares that he’s awaiting MRI results, but expects to be cleared for a return to active duty shortly.

As Luca is talking to Deacon later on, though, he gets a call from his doctor with the MRI results he has been waiting for. Deacon is leaving to go to a call, but he sees a clear expression of shock, disbelief and grief on Luca's face. He isn't able to ask at the moment what the problem is, but it's very clear that something is wrong.

20 Squad successfully arrests Omar Woodman, taking him into custody after tasing the suspect when he picked up a knife. At first, Woodman refuses to cooperate, but he eventually reaches out to the department through his lawyer to negotiate a deal.

Omar Woodman killed in prison

Unfortunately, before the team is able to talk to Omar, he is killed in prison. SWAT learns that the killer was another inmate by the name of Rick Fontana. There's no obvious beef between the two inmates or any connection between Rick and the shooters. The team quickly suspects that Rick was paid to murder Omar in prison before he could testify and give up the names of his co-conspirators.

Rick was a lifer, and because he is never getting out of prison he had nothing to lose by killing Omar. The team realizes that the rest of the crew got to Rick's ex-girlfriend, and he killed Omar because he thought it would be a way to help her out despite being sentenced to life in prison.

Powell and Alfaro go to a strip club to interview Devon, Rick's ex-girlfriend. She is unwilling to cooperate at first, until the team recognizes that she's in possession of stolen property from the heist. As they connect her to the crime and prepare to take her into custody, she agrees to talk and gives up Rocco as the person who paid her to have Ricky kill Omar. Rocco was the bouncer at the club, and the team had met him on their way in. They go to arrest him, but he had already fled.

Back at HQ, the team identifies Hank David and Jerry Ramos as Rocco's accomplices. Luca looks at the three men and identifies Hank as his shooter, saying that he recognized the man’s eyes and believed they were the last things he would see.

The team continued to hunt for their three suspects. First, they found the body of Jerry Ramos, who had been tortured and murdered after attempting to double-cross his accomplices. They learn that Ramos has a cousin in Los Angeles, and that he stored the necklace at her place. The gunmen initially beat 20 Squad to the hotel, but Hondo's team arrives before they are able to kill Jerry's cousin and retake the necklace. The team chases down the suspects, ultimately arresting them and securing the necklace.

The episode ends with Luca's medical retirement from SWAT, as the MRI revealed nerve damage that will prevent him from being able to carry out field duties. It is an emotionally gripping moment as the team says goodbye and farewell to their long-time friend and colleague. Prior to the ceremony, Luca and Hondo had a heartfelt conversation while drinking beers on the beach. Hondo told Luca that there is more to life than SWAT, and Luca appeared to finally make peace with his situation and future.

Thoughts on Luca’s farewell episode

Wow. This was an emotionally gripping episode, with shocking twists throughout. There was plenty of action, but that isn't what made this episode special. This might have been Kenny Johnson's finest acting performance throughout the entire series. He had an opportunity to showcase his versatility during several emotional scenes, and he did not disappoint.

The team will certainly miss Luca going forward, and it will be interesting to see if Luca's medical retirement changes Deacon's plans to retire and begin collecting his pension. Regardless of Deacon’s decision, the younger team members will certainly have to step up into bigger roles with Street and Luca both leaving the team.