Rumors are abuzz in the esports world as Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, possibly one of the most prominent names in Western professional League of Legends, is reportedly set to join T1's Academy Team. The European star has reportedly reached a verbal agreement with T1 and is poised to compete in the LCK Challengers League next year, according to Sheep Esports​.

Will we see T1 Rekkles?

This potential move to T1 was hinted at during the recently concluded Worlds 2023. Rekkles was apparently frequently seen at the T1 facility in Seoul, and sources informed Sheep Esports that he participated in scrims with T1 Academy, further fueling speculation about his transfer​.

Rekkles, who was considering options in the LEC, has finalized an agreement to play in Korea with T1, as verified by sources close to Sheep Esports. This marks a significant shift in his career trajectory, moving from his previous team, Fnatic. He played almost 600 games for Fnatic and has 7 international tournament appearances under his belt, including a Grand Final appearance in Worlds 2018 when they became the first Western team since Season 1 to reach the final.

Despite a challenging 2023 season and a subsequent benching before the start of the Summer Split, Rekkles has continually demonstrated his prowess in the League of Legends scene. He recently expressed interest in transitioning from the ADC to the support role, reflecting his adaptability and dedication to evolving as a player​.

Note that Rekkles is reportedly being signed onto T1 Esports Academy which plays in the LCK Challengers League, and not T1 Academy, T1's trainee roster which competes in the LCK Academy Series.

T1, having recently clinched the World Championship title, is a powerhouse in the esports arena. While Rekkles will initially be part of the LCK Challengers League and not the main team, his association with such a prestigious organization is expected to be a significant draw for fans and may help get some eyes on the LCK Academy.

T1 Esports Academy finished the 2023 Summer Regular Season in 8th place, failing to make it to the playoffs. Yoon “Poby” Sung-won, T1 Academy midlaner, was called up to take Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok's place on the main roster after the latter suffered an injury. Historically, T1 Academy has had players like Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol, Choi “Ellim” El-lim, and Keyong “Photon” Gyu-tae.

Fans are kept on their toes after this rumor broke, but it's good to note that it has not yet been confirmed. Once made official, Rekless would not be the first team to play in the Korean region as both Alexey “rjs” Zatorski (previously known as Deus) and Sebastian “Malice” Edholm both played for bbq Olivers during the Challengers Korea 2019 Spring Season.