Chernobylite is a rogue-like survival action game set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. As Igor, the player takes on a journey to find his lost fiancée, Tatyana Amalieva. He sees her in visions, giving him hope that he can find her inside the zone. However, there's a lot of hazards and danger around the zone. Finding Tatyana is no easy task, both for Igor and for the player. Having to juggle your role as a leader at your base, going out on excursions to secure supplies, and battling radioactive monsters, life in the zone is excruciating. Hence, it takes a lot of commitment to fulfill your task. To help, some players might want to get to know their muse better: Tatyana Amalieva. More information about the game's muse gets revealed as the game moves along, and we won't delve into spoiler territory here. But a lot of players are also interested in the actress who played Tatyana in the game. So, who is Chernobylite's Tatyana actress?

Tatyana's actress is Polish model Joanna Tarasek, who was also Miss Śląska 2017. She also serves as a graphics designer at The Farm 51, the developers of Chernobylite. She's been working with the studio since 2018, which was around when Chernobylite began production. Her educational background surely played a part in her current roles in the studio, since she completed an engineering degree in Architecture and Urban Planning at The Silesian University of Technology.


Franz Christian Irorita ·

Knowing a little bit more about Chernobylite‘s Tatyana's actress could help some players be more invested in the game. After all, saving your beloved in-game requires the player to have some sort of connection with the character. With this information, we do hope that more players commit to finishing Chernobylite, just in time for its next expansion.