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Draymond Green takes credit for Team USA’s Happy Birthday prank on Kevin Durant

Team USA, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant

Team USA’s men’s basketball squad had some fun at the expense of superstar Kevin Durant during the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Friday. While KD’s birthday isn’t until Sept. 29, his teammates serenaded him with a rendition of Happy Birthday anyway.

Durant didn’t look particularly amused by the tomfoolery going on all around him. Team USA big man and former Golden State Warriors teammate Draymond Green is taking credit for the prank:

Draymond could be full of it here, but either way, it’s still pretty hilarious. Green and Durant had a rather notable feud going by the end of KD’s tenure with the Warriors. While that’s all water under the bridge now, people will always make a big deal out of anything Dray/KD related.

It has already been quite the eventful Olympic experience for Kevin Durant. In addition to these shenanigans, Durant called out Team USA teammate Bam Adebayo for improper practice etiquette, which caused quite the stir.

Plus, Team USA has already dealt with multiple exhibition losses and roster turnover over the last few weeks. It hasn’t been a smooth ride so far as the Americans go for another gold, but Kevin Durant and Co. are hoping to overcome those early issues. Durant will be counted on as one of the top dogs on the team.