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VIDEO: Team USA struggles hilariously predicted in 14-year-old Jackie Chan Rush Hour scene

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The Dream Team is dead. That’s what a certain taxi driver said about Team USA, which is a take that’s tough to argue with given that the Americans have been taking huge L’s left and right on the international stage. But what’s trippy is how the prediction came from a scene from Rush Hour 3, which came out 14 years ago.

Check out this prophetic Team USA dig from the movie, featuring the iconic buddy cop duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.


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This man probably kills it in futures bets, especially if he laid down a large wager against Team USA in their recent loss to France to open the Tokyo Olympics.

But in all seriousness, the scene from 2007 was probably referring to the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Team USA infamously fell in the semi-finals that year despite a relatively stacked roster on paper, finishing with just a bronze medal to show for their efforts.

Since then, the United States have taken the gold in the last three Olympic Games. But with Team USA looking vulnerable in their first contest, as well as during their exhibition showdowns, perhaps history may repeat itself once again.