Texans news: DeAndre Hopkins wants a reunion with Sammy Watkins
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DeAndre Hopkins hints at wanting reunion with Sammy Watkins


DeAndre Hopkins is a key player for the Houston Texans, but his latest social media activity may send more than a couple of fans into an excited frenzy. He revealed that he wants to reunite with former Clemson teammate Sammy Watkins.

Hopkins made his hopes clear with a tweet of him and Watkins during their collegiate days at Clemson. He didn’t mince words with his wish, typing “reunion” as the only caption for the image. Presumably, he wants the reunion with the Texans.

Hopkins posted this image at the right time, as Watkins seemingly called it quits on his time with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is seemingly done with the Chiefs in spite of winning a Super Bowl ring with the team. If Hopkins manages to pull Watkins into a deal with the Texans, then they will manage to weaken one of their biggest competition in the Chiefs while giving Deshaun Watson another incredible target in Watkins.

He’s going to be a good addition to the Texans if they manage to acquire him. While he didn’t start all of their games, he managed to collect an impressive 673 receiving yards and three touchdowns. He also averaged 12.9 yards per reception, making him a very effective target.

Having Hopkins and Watkins catch deep Watson throws would be a beautiful sight to behold for Texans fans.