The news coming out of the Houston Texans organization is still growing, as sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson continue to pile up. In fact, Deshaun Watson's value in the league is dwindling as well. The Carolina Panthers were originally all-in on the superstar quarterback, but instead, they traded for Sam Darnold.

Since then, Deshaun Watson has lost sponsorship deals with Beats by Dre, Reliant Energy, and Nike, as each of them has decided to stop conducting business with him. However, it appears to get even worse, as Rivers McCown shows a video where Deshaun Watson has been removed from the intro of a popular show centered around the Houston Texans.

It's a small gesture, but it's big enough to believe the Houston Texans are potentially moving on from Deshaun Watson for now. Had the video been a part of an intro for a show like “Good Morning Football,” or a show on ESPN, then it would be much more vague and less newsworthy.

Instead, this is an introduction to a Texans' production. Meaning, this show is created by people within the organization. The video and content team likely doesn't have much intel surrounding how the front office views their current quarterback. It's likely just a PR move made by management to prevent any backlash. However, it does create some skepticism.

Deshaun Watson's case is an ongoing issue and possibly won't be solved for quite some time. Allegations continue to pour in, and some of the women are going public with their names and faces.