Texans news: Kenny Stills claims cameras cut away after TD due to saying 'free my boy Kaep'
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Kenny Stills claims cameras cut away after TD due to saying ‘free my boy Kaep’

Texans, Kenny Stills, Colin Kaepernick

Kenny Stills was able to haul in a touchdown pass from Deshaun Watson in the Houston Texans’ victory over the New England Patriots. On Monday, Stills claims that the cameras cut away after his touchdown due to him saying free my boy Kaep’.

The speedy wideout caught a 35-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter of Sunday night’s game. Usually, the cameras will follow the player who scored the touchdown to view his celebration.

Instead, the cameras quickly cut away from Stills and chose to go with another angle on the field. The Texans’ wide receiver was trying to lobby for Colin Kaepernick, who’s been a free agent since 2016 due to his choice to kneel during the National Anthem.

Of course, Stills was among the list of NFL players who joined Kaepernick in a stand against racial injustice. Unlike Kaepernick, Stills has been able to remain in the NFL despite protesting alongside the quarterback.

The NFL extended a non-negotiable workout to Kaepernick nearly a month ago that was scheduled to take place on a Saturday at the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility. But after seeing the waiver the NFL wanted him to sign, Kaepernick chose to relocate to another location.

As a result, fewer team representatives made an appearance at his workout. Up to this point, teams have continued to express no interest in signing Kaepernick. That has been their stance despite showing that he still deserves a chance in the NFL.

Since Kaepernick was released by the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, Stills has shown support for Kaepernick and continues to do so three years later.