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Texans QB Tom Savage defends Bill O’Brien after concussion controversy

In light of the controversy surrounding Bill O’Brien over his handling of an unconscious player, Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage backs his head coach.

This is a big deal, as Tom Savage is the literally the player people are trying to go after Bill O’Brien over.


For what it is worth, however Savage feels about O’Brien as a person doesn’t absolve the coach if he had done something unethical.

During Houston’s press conference, O’Brien took the time to explain how difficult it is to see what is happening on the field while a coach is trying to implement strategy.

“At no point in time in my coaching career [has] there anything more important to me than the safety of our players,” O’Brien said, via ESPN. “I love our players, and I care about them. And I cannot stand when players get injured.

“Anybody that’s been on the sideline of a football game knows that from a coaching standpoint, you really can’t see things like that, especially when the ball is in certain areas of the field.”

It is 2017. Maybe O’Brien didn’t see his gunslinger on the ground in traumatic fashion. However, someone had to see it. It is far too hard to believe that an entire country saw Savage on the ground, but every single person of importance for the Texans didn’t.

An important note on this: The non-NFL employed, third-party medical professional is supposed to view the same replay as we all did when Savage went down. How he didn’t, or didn’t utilize it, might be the biggest travesty here.