This has been a wild day for college football, hasn't it? In a sport where upsets are hailed as the greatest thing ever, Saturday night saw major upsets across the board. One of these upsets came at the expense of Texas A&M, who lost to Appalachian State's football team in surprising fashion.

So, how did Texas A&M, the sixth-ranked football team in the country, lose to barely-heard of program? Well, the answer lies in their offense… or lack of it, anyway. The normally solid Aggies offense completely sputtered against Appalachian State. It was so bad, Jimbo Fisher's squad only ran TWO plays in enemy territory. Talk about struggling to move the chains. (via Shehan Jeyarajah)

After a relatively solid first game, Texas A&M's offense was non-existent against an inferior football team. Against a defense that gave up 63 points a week ago, Fisher's offense could only muster up 14 points. Quarterback Haynes King only had 97 yards on 20 attempts: less than ideal numbers, especially considering that he only rushed for 23 yards.

Against a star-studded Texas A&M defense, Appalachian State employed the best tactic in football: running down the clock. The Mountaineers pounded the ground against the Aggies, holding on to the ball for more than 40 minutes of game time. They also ran a staggering 80 plays, compared to Texas A&M's 39.

After this horrifying dud from the offense, Texas A&M football fans are now starting to worry about their offense. The departure of Kellen Mond two years ago still haunts the team to this day, it seems. We'll see if Jimbo Fisher can find the winning combination to unlock this squad's potential.