Jimbo Fisher's Texas A&M football has a tough challenge ahead of them in their Week 4 matchup. Auburn's football squad and Coach Hugh Freeze are awaiting them with a three-win record. The showdown seems like an uphill battle especially considering that the Tigers have just gone off a 45-13 demolition job of the Samford football team. But, nothing but respect runs through the head of both squads. Freeze even called it one of the most talented squads in the NCAA which is full of NFL-caliber talent, via Adam Cole of Opelika Auburn News.

“The depth, the size, the speed — it's (roster) full of NFL players,” Coach Hugh Freeze said. This is a testament to how good Jimbo Fisher is in recruiting amazing players for his Texas A&M football program. In the past five years, their recruiting class has not been ranked lower than 17th. They also currently hold the top spot in roster recruitment in 2022. The future is also bright for the Aggies because their recruiting classes from 2022 up until 2024 do not rank less than tenth.

Another point of discussion was how much Texas A&M football has developed Conner Weigman, “really difficult to defend and it starts with the quarterback. He's playing at a really high level.”

Weigman is ranked second in touchdowns with eight passes to the end zone among all SEC quarterbacks. He is also the fourth-best in passing yards, having recorded 909 of them in the first three weeks. Will the Aggies give the Auburn football program hell in their Week 4 matchup?