Rosaria finally arrives as a playable character. First appearing during the Dragonspine story quest, her frigid polearm and chilling demeanor sweeps unrighteous foes using her Cryo vision. This stone-cold sister does everything she could to keep Mondstadt safe from harm. She is always on the prowl, ready to defend the city at any time. She mostly works alone when investigating potential threats. Despite her sharp appearance, Rosaria has a surprisingly carefree personality. In this Rosaria build guide, we'll share with you the best weapon, the best artifacts, and who the characters you should build a team with for Rosaria in Genshin Impact.

Although she's just a 4-star Cryo Polearm character, don't underestimate her. She can be a great addition to your team because of her kit and great Cryo application. She is a very flexible character who can fill a multitude of roles. The arrival of Dendro element in the game also opens a lot of new toys for the Thorny Benevolent to play with, making her relevant even more than two years after her release.

Rosaria Abilities Overview

Ravaging Confession lets Rosaria blink behind the opponent and perform two attacks, both dealing Cryo damage. Against larger enemies like Mitachurls and Ruin Guards, however, the skill performs the two slashes without the blink effect. This is your bread-and-butter ability because of its low 6s cooldown, high energy yield, and decent damage ratios. This applies Cryo aura on enemies that get hit. 

Rites of Termination creates a Cryo field after doing an AoE slash and a slam. Both deal Cryo damage and the field produces a lingering Cryo DoT. This ability is great for burst rotations and constantly applying Cryo auras thanks to its good damage and low energy activation cost.

Rosaria Weapon Build Guide

Rosaria is a very versatile unit which makes this Rosaria guide quite long. She can be a great carry, support, or even be a sub-carry, and a lot of good weapons will cover such a range of roles your Rosaria will fill.

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear – Well known as the best-in-slot polearm for a lot of polearm carries. It wields the highest base ATK of all polearms and carrying the highly-sought Crit Rate stat. Its passive makes it better by increasing ATK by 3.2% for 6s on hit per stack. It also increases DMG dealt by 12% at full stacks. Simply put, this weapon screams DAMAGE, which is absolutely great for a carry-build Rosaria. 

Skyward Spine – This weapon is totally awesome for sub-carries and supports, with its high damage and Energy Recharge substat. Its passive also increases Crit Rate by 8% and Normal Attack speed by 12%. It also has a 50% chance to create a vacuum blade on hit. This deals 40% of ATK as damage in a small AoE. This is also a great option for a carry Rosaria because of the attack speed buff, as long as she is at Constellation 1.

Crescent Pike/Dragonspine Spear – Both weapons fulfill the same role – being a weapon for a Phys-oriented carry. The main difference is that, when compared to the Dragonspine Spear, the Crescent Pike has higher base damage, less Phys bonus substat, and has a really strong passive. Crescent Pike’s passive deals a separate instance of 20% ATK as damage after picking up an elemental particle, which has an almost permanent uptime on Rosaria, and also scales very well with attack speed.

Rosaria Artifact Sets Build Guide

Rosaria’s kit is simple and straightforward. But it can fulfill a lot of roles, as you can see in this Rosaria guide, allowing her to have a lot of options when it comes to artifact builds. 

Bloodstained Chivalry/Gladiator’s Finale – Ideally for a carry Rosaria, you want to have 2 pieces of Bloodstained and 2 pieces of Gladiator. This combo allows for consistent damage whether you’re doing normal attacks or charged attacks. Important stats are ATK% on your sands, Phys bonus on your goblet, and Crit Rate/DMG on your circlet.

Blizzard Strayer – This artifact set provides a good increase to Rosaria’s skills, while also providing a massive Crit Rate boost to frozen enemies. While this is still okay for a Phys-oriented Rosaria, this artifact set is best used on a Cryo-focused Rosaria. When paired with Hydro supports like Mona or Xingqiu, enemies easily get perma frozen and it makes full use of Blizzard Strayer’s 4-piece bonus, trivializing fights against even the biggest of enemies. 

Noblesse Oblige – Best used on Burst rotations, or simply for buffing your allies’ ATK after activating her Burst. When you already have a lot of Energy Recharge, this artifact set is great when you want to increase the damage of your Burst while also buffing your allies. If you don’t think your team needs the ATK boost, you can opt for 2 pieces of Noblesse Oblige and 2 pieces of Blizzard Strayer to massively increase the damage of your Elemental Burst. 

Rosaria Team Composition Build

Despite a lot of options possible, there are some specific combinations we recommend in this Rosaria guide where she can shine on certain roles.

Physical Carry – When Rosaria is a physical carry, she requires at least one Electro support to enable Superconductor, massively increasing her Physical damage output. The best ones are Fischl and Beidou, where Fischl excels at dealing high single target damage, while Beidou is amazing at dealing AoE damage with her chain lightning. Having a Hydro support like Mona is also great for freezing enemies, making fights a ton easier.

Cryo Conversion – This composition requires specific characters in your team, but it’s definitely worth it. What you need is a Chongyun, ideally wielding a Sacrificial Greatsword, and a Hydro support for freeze, ideally Xingqiu or Barbara. With this, you can pop Chongyun’s E and your Hydro support’s skill. See enemies permanently frozen, trivializing almost any fight without the danger of getting hit by enemy attacks.

Cryo Support – Rosaria can support really well, with her high uptime of abilities and good Cryo application. She fits well on Melt teams with Klee and Diluc, or Freeze teams with Childe or Mona. Rosaria can also enable Superconductor on a Keqing team or even a Razor team, thanks to the long duration of her Burst.

Overall, Rosaria is a versatile character who can deal damage on her own. At the same time she can help her team deal more damage thanks to her Elemental Reactions. She stands as one of the more reliable supports when it comes to Cryo application. Meanwhile, she is also capable of carrying your team towards endgame with her strong damage.