Explore the dangerous Chasm with our handy-dandy The Chasm Guide for the latest location introduced in Genshin Impact 2.6!

Spoiler Note: If you’re trying to do a complete blind run of the Chasm questline, this guide might contain spoilers for the early parts.

Liyue has always challenged the vertical limits of Teyvat, and after bringing players onto mountaintops, the latest update will now bring them deeper than the bedrock. In version 2.6 of Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse has introduced a new expansion of the Liyue Region, which is The Chasm. This new area is a dizzying descent towards one of the hidden legends of Liyue’s past, where the Traveler will need to traverse with utmost vigilance. In this The Chasm Guide article, will serve as a primer for exploring the depths, and includes 7 important tips which will help you manage the encroaching darkness.

What is The Chasm?

Looking at the World Map, The Chasm simply looks like a small extension of Liyue–but this couldn’t get any further from the truth. In reality, The Chasm is an ever-descending dungeon, and what you could see from the open-world is amusingly, just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. What you see from the World Map is the Surface of The Chasm, which will lead towards the Depths after completing a short quest line. After entering the depths, the underground map still hides so much ground, since it’s a top view of a massive vertical labyrinth.

In the depths of the Chasm lies numerous dangers, sneaky hazards, and an ever-present darkness, which the players must navigate to progress. During the quests, one of the NPCs will provide you with a ‘portable light source’ and its upgrades, as you collect certain trinkets similar to Oculi. This light source will be your greatest ally, as not only it provides light, but also allows you to interact with most of the mechanics only found in the Chasm. 

Things to Find in The Chasm

Aside from the different quests you can complete in this area, there are a couple of new things you might encounter, which can either help or pose danger while exploring.

Throughout the depths, you will encounter blobs of goo surrounded by dark mud. These are called Oozing Concretions, and staying on top of them will deplete your light gauge and slowly drain health. To destroy them, the player must have their Lumenstone Adjuvants be at least Level 2, to activate Blooming Light which destroys the blobs. 

Certain Wards can be activated by getting close and shining light towards them, which can unlock certain mechanisms and chests. 

There is a new kind of Geo Pressure Plate, which requires a Geo Construct and a Player to be on top of it. After activating the plate, a path of pyramidal runes will appear nearby, and following the path will unlock a chest at the end. 

Finally, The Chasm can be an unforgiving place, but being prepared will definitely be a lifesaver once you find yourself in a pinch, or get lost in the darkness. Below are seven of the most important tips you need to know to survive the descent.

The Chasm Guide: 7 Survival Tips on How to Survive The Chasm

1. Bring Geo

We’re in the region of Liyue, and it’s no surprise that Geo is still the most important element for exploring here. The Chasm is no exception. Even for completely Free-to-Play players, the Geo Traveler is a perfect choice for all your Geo needs. You will need Geo Constructs to destroy ores, activate pressure plates, solve puzzles, and help you scale the terrain much easier.

2. Cook and Use Stamina Food

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Everyone knows the pain of running out of stamina at the wrong time. Luckily stamina food lasts for quite a long time, unlike other buff consumables. The ideal food to cook are those that not only decrease stamina usage, but also specializes in stamina management for climbing. 

3. Vertical Mobility

There are long falls, and there are also long climbs. In certain places, you might be forced to climb tall sections of stone or structures, which can be just a total pain. Having vertical mobility can help tremendously, which the likes of Geo Traveler, Zhongli, Venti, and Kazuha can provide.

4. Remember Landmarks

Unless you are gifted with good memory or a knack for adventure, it may be easy to get lost in the darkness. If you can, try to remember notable landmarks and structures, like glowing stone formations or eye-catching hazards, as these will help you navigate the different areas of this cave. You can also mentally divide the caves into sections, so you can easily digest the layout of each part of the cave.

5. Try Ranged Battle

The Chasm has very little flat ground, which makes melee battle quite dangerous and even daunting. If possible, try bringing characters good at ranged combat, which will make fighting between uneven platforms a lot easier. You can even cheese some battles if the terrain is in your favor!

6. Gas + Fire = Explosion

While exploring The Chasm, you might encounter small iridescent clouds which float just above the ground. These are gas formations, and they will create an explosion once it comes into contact with Pyro. Some of these are just plain hazards that can cause trouble, but some can help you fight groups of foes, or even reveal hidden treasure if you’re lucky. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Peek at the Darkness

The darkness might be scary, but for vigilant players, it’s simply a curtain that hides countless secrets. If you find something suspicious, like an unusual collection of rocks, a tight pathway, or a small hanging rock face, investigate it and you might just find something interesting. 

Final Thoughts

Underneath the intimidating stare of the abyss, lies one of Hoyoverse’s best creations, which is the level design of The Chasm. After exploring it for a long time, this new area is very reminiscent of Breath of the Wild and Elden Ring, which is quite the testament for this free-to-play gacha game. The Chasm is a pandora’s box of secrets, and exploring it is simply a beauty to behold.

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