Redskins news: The hints that Alex Smith was getting traded were all there
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The hints that Alex Smith was getting traded to the Redskins were all there

Alex Smith, Chiefs

A huge news broke out today in the NFL with the Kansas Chiefs deciding to ship quarterback Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins. The initial reactions have been mostly that of shock, but the Chiefs just appear ready to usher in the Patrick Mahomes era in Kansas City.

While this trade caught plenty of football fans and experts by surprise, the writing seems to be on the wall way before this transaction happened. For one, Alex Smith has been making rounds of media outlets since the Chiefs were ousted from the playoffs by the Tennessee Titans in the wild-card round.

Smith has never been known as someone who is big with interviews, so the fact that he has become more open of late in making appearances on podcasts and radio shows was taken as a sign by speculative minds of him heading somewhere else this offseason.

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Smith has made himself available to the media in the past, but never really opened up to the media. Now, he’s done much more as he has made appearances on the Dan Patrick Show, Pardon My Take, the Herd, and the Rich Eisen Show, where he put himself out there about his future with the Chiefs.

Here is Smith with a vague answer when asked by Rich Eisen whether he had already played his last game in Chiefs uniform.

In Alex Smith, the Redskins are getting a 33-year-old quarterback, who is coming off a solid season with Kansas City. Smith racked up career-high numbers of 4,042 passing yards and 26 touchdowns to go with a 104.7 passer rating.