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The real reason Dave Bautista isn’t voicing Drax in Marvel’s What if…?

Marvel's What if...? Drax Dave Bautista

Beloved Marvel character Drax the destroyer will be making a comeback in Marvel’s What if…? However, Dave Bautista isn’t voicing him because apparently, Marvel Studios didn’t ask him.

Over the weekend, Disney released a list of Marvel Studios actors returning to the show to voice their characters they play in live-action. Apparently, Dave Bautista wasn’t on the list. Since Bautista was among the actors like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, and Brie Larson that won’t be returning, fans got curious as to why he chose not to be involved.

According to Bautista, he didn’t have much of a choice since Marvel Studios didn’t ask him in the first place. He revealed this shocking piece of information while quote-tweeting a fan who was curious as to why he wasn’t voicing Drax in Marvel’s What If…?.

“Let’s start with I was never asked,” Bautista replied.

Speaking exclusively with ComicBook.com, What If…? producer Brad Winderbaum explained the recasting process for those characters who wouldn’t be played by their live-action counterparts.

“One early decision was we were not going to let the show be defined by the actors we thought we could get,” Winderbaum told ComicBook. “Part of the fun of What If…? is being able to tell stories in any corner of the universe you want to and that means that you need that infinite canvas, you need that infinite potential. Also, I was afraid we wouldn’t get any actors to come back. The fact that we got as many as we did, 85% of the actors came back or something like that. It’s incredible and it’s a real honor and privilege to work with all of them.”

Marvel’s What if…? will be available on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.