It is not likely that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will be attending the Met Gala this year. According to a source per Us Weekly, “Taylor and Travis are not going to the Met Gala. They passed,” the source says. “They might go as it gets closer, but for now, they are not going.”

Swift has not attended the Met Gala since 2016 and Kelce has never attended the New York City costume event. If they were to go to the event together it would be their first red carpet event.

There also might be a scheduling conflict as Swift is set to be in Paris for her May 9 and the Met Gala is on May 6 so it's possible she might have rehearsals and will be preparing for her tour.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Have Date Night In NYC

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce with a red background

Despite potentially not going to the Met Gala, the two did have a cool date night in NYC last year. The two made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live for the premiere episode on Oct. 15. The musical guest was Ice Spice whom Swift worked with on the “Karma” remix. She introduced Spice's debut performance.

“I didn’t know what the skit was, like which skits were coming up, and I’m pretty sure it was just ironic they were doing a skit on Swiftmania, I thought it was hilarious when they asked me to be a part of it, I was like ‘Man I’d be honored.’ Then Taylor also made a surprise cameo introducing her good friend, Ice Spice, who absolutely killed it, Ice.”

On Kelce's podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, Travis recalled the magical night.

“I’ll tell you what, man, it was electric to be back in that place, there’s just something about being in that room and the first episode of the season, I had such a frickin' blast, man, it was a star-studded back room, I’m not one to throw around names so I won't, but it was awesome, man, and Lorne Michaels, thank you for having us.”

It would be cool to see a Met Gala debut for the couple but for right now we just have to wait and see,