Dillian Whyte has revealed why he turned down a fight with Anthony Joshua.

Joshua's promoter at Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn, revealed in a number of interviews this month that Whyte had turned down a rematch with his domestic rival.

The main reasoning was the contract did not meet the expectations of Whyte's handlers. We now know exactly why.

Speaking to talkSPORT (via Boxing Scene), Whyte revealed he wanted a simple contract where if he beat Joshua, he would go on to face Deontay Wilder in the planned Saudi Arabia mega card set for December.

Instead, a rematch clause was put in whereby had Whyte won, he would be held up and have to face Joshua again in a couple of months' time — something he didn't want by any means.

“It's like this, he said, ‘We're gonna send a simple contract,' and then they sent a very complicated contract with a lot of hoops and a lot of hooks to hook me in,” Whyte said. “I don't want that, I just want a simple contract, simple fight, winner moves on and has a big fight in Saudi Arabia.

“This fight for me is about the opportunity, it's not about the money, that's why I'm taking the fight for the money they've offered me. But now, they're trying to put a rematch clause in there that ties me up for a year and messes everything up, I'm not interested in that. I just want a straightforward fight, winner moves on, that's it.

“I'm not happy with the rematch clause for one. And then also there's other little things in there that would tie me in. If I fight AJ and beat him, I can't just move on and go and fight in the big fights. They want the ability to change the date and the venue. I'm like, ‘No, let's just have the fight on August 12 and that's it.' It is about the opportunity, but with the rematch involved – if I beat him then I don't get an opportunity, I've got to wait and fight Joshua again.

“Obviously the big carrot and the big prize is to fight Deontay Wilder in December in Saudi Arabia. I would love to fight Joshua, beat him, then go on and fight Wilder and beat him. These are the two guys I've been trying to fight for the past six or seven years.”

Pretty understandable from Dillian Whyte, even if a double-header with Joshua would earn him a big payday. Not to mention the fact that he would also get to exact revenge as well.

Joshua defeated Whyte by knockout when they met back in Dec. 2015.