The San Francisco 49ers sit atop the NFC West after dominating the New York Giants. Kyle Shanahan's offense and the secondary may be generational. But, a lot of that won't translate into wins without Brock Purdy. The quarterback has gotten a lot of attention. It even caught the eye of New England Patriots legend Julian Edelman. He outlined how franchise-altering their decision to draft Mr. Irrelevant was, via The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

“They struck oil with the late-round pick, “Mr. Irrelevant.” When you watch Brock Purdy play, he processes the game,” Julian Edelman said about the 49ers' NFL Draft decision. He also revealed which part of Purdy's game stands out the most, “You never see him double-pump on something, double-clutch. He knows where he's going with the ball and that's a testament to Kyle Shanahan knowing what he likes as a play-caller.”

There were obvious drawbacks that the Patriots legend saw. But, the 49ers quarterback was apparently quick to patch them up, “I was a little concerned with his arm strength because he just had the UCL, he was barely getting it out there. And what does Kyle Shanahan do? He gives him plays and throws that he knows he can make.”

Purdy notched 310 passing yards on 25 completions against the Giants' secondary in their NFL Week 3 game. He also capped it off with two touchdowns to lead the team to a flawless three-win record for the season. Will they be able to maintain their momentum until they face the Arizona Cardinals?