There has never been a more iconic golfer than Tiger Woods. When you think of golf, the first person that comes to mind is Tiger Woods and it is not close. Golfers like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus helped get the sport of golf to where it is now, but Tiger Woods catapulted it into a completely different stratosphere. Will Tiger Woods make a cameo appearance in Happy Gilmore 2 when it comes out on Netflix? Rumors are swirling already around the new movie. Whatever Woods does gets headlines in the news, and with the news of another Happy Gilmore hitting screens on Netflix, it seems like a perfect fit for him to make some sort of appearance in Happy Gilmore 2. Adam Sandler has already started to drop hints about potential cameos and that includes both Woods and John Daly. Tiger's prime is behind him, but he is still a staple of the golf world and a role in a movie like this would go a long way in making people laugh at and with him.

Here are the odds via BetOnline of what Tiger Woods will do in 2024 and a Happy Gilmore 2 appearance leads the way at -200.

Tiger Woods 2024 will appear in Happy Gilmore 2 (-200): Tiger Woods' odds of being in Happy Gilmore 2 are relatively high and this has been fueled by Adam Sandler already coming out and saying that he would love to get Tiger Woods involved with the movie to go with John Daly as the two massive cameos from the golf world. This was on a recent interview Sandler had on the Dan Patrick Show. He was not able to reveal much but hinted that he would love to have these two golfers involved in some fashion. Woods has never been in a movie, but this is the premier modern golf movie and it would be a perfect fit for a cameo in some fashion.

Other Odds:

BetOnline also has odds for other things to happen in Woods' life during this year. Next to a Happy Gilmore 2 cameo, they have odds for Woods to fail a drug test at +400, then announce retirement from golf at +400, get pictured playing blackjack at +800, and then get married at +1000. These are all odds for what is most likely to happen in the year 2024. Tiger's reputation has been very cleaned up recently, so these other items do not seem like they are very likely at all just based on all of the life updates from Woods that have been out there of late.

Will Tiger Woods Appear in Happy Gilmore 2?

The short answer is yes. I do believe that Tiger Woods will appear in Happy Gilmore 2 because it makes too much sense for this generation of golfers. The original Happy Gilmore came out in 1996, which is just before Tiger emerged on the world golf stage in 1997 thanks to his dominant Masters showing. With an appearance in Happy Gilmore 2, Tiger would be able to appeal to a completely different generation of golf fans because he is past his prime, but can still make a cameo and become a part of the sequel to a movie that still has significant pop culture impact. This makes too much sense and it would be great for Woods to potentially make fun of himself a bit because this is a comedy movie after all. I expect Woods to join Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald in the new chapter of Happy Gilmore.