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Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards breaks silence on Jimmy Butler shoving incident

Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards, Jimmy Butler

Things got testy on Wednesday as the Minnesota Timberwolves hosted the Miami Heat in what turned out to be a high-octane matchup between the two teams. At one point, Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards got into it with Jimmy Butler and the pair had to be separated after a bit of a confrontation.

After the game, Edwards shared his true feelings about the incident. According to Minnesota’s second-year guard, he just didn’t appreciate how Butler grabbed the ball from him:

“I just don’t like when people yank the ball out of my hands. It’s not that serious. The ball gonna get to the ref. It gotta get to the ref. You yanking it out of my hands won’t make it any faster,” Edwards said (h/t Pro City Hoops in Twitter). “So, he took the ball out of my hands, and I was just like, ‘Come on, bro. It ain’t that serious. I just felt like I had to let him know, ‘Chill.'”

In case you haven’t seen the incident yet, here it is:

As Edwards described it, Butler yanked the ball out of his hands following a turnover. The Timberwolves youngster did not appreciate Butler’s gesture so he decided to give him a bit of a shove. Butler clearly didn’t like what Edwards was trying to do so he walked up on him immediately. Thankfully, nothing escalated from there and they were able to carry on with the game shortly after.

Edwards also went on to play down the incident. According to the 20-year-old, he knew that there wasn’t going to be any fight between them:

“He ain’t finna fight nobody out there, so all that walking up on each other, that stuff for the birds,” Edwards added. “Ain’t nobody gonna fight. So I don’t get into all that. S–t fake.”

Edwards is never one to keep his thoughts to himself and he made sure to let everyone know what he truly feels about the Jimmy Butler incident here.

Most importantly, Edwards and the Timberwolves were able to secure a big win over Miami, 113-101, as they improved to 9-9 on the season.