The Minnesota Timberwolves are fighting for the top-seed in the Western Conference entering the final day of Regular Season play in a three-way tie with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Denver Nuggets. Last game, they prevailed 109-106 over the Atlanta Hawks as they inched closer towards their goal, but Anthony Edwards stole the show once again with a never-before-seen Player Exclusive of his signature Adidas AE 1. Check out our Sneakers news for more upcoming releases and breaking content!

While only tallying 27 minutes of action against the Hawks, Anthony Edwards was able to contribute with 14 points, four rebounds, and four assists while leading his team to a victory. It was easy to get distracted from the game when looking at Edwards' unique shoes, later turning out to be a PE for the Adidas 3Stripes Select Basketball Circuit.

There's no word on an official drop just yet, but fans are already begging Adidas to release these into the wild. For now, they remain exclusive to the athletes of the 3Stripes Select Circuit and Anthony Edwards himself.

Anthony Edwards is no stranger to youth basketball camps and leagues as he came up the same way through his roots in Georgia and into the NBA. He debuted the AE 1 for the first time at a basketball camp in Atlanta and these will be the first Player Exclusives made for anyone other than himself. It's a massive step in the evolution of his personal brand and it's only a matter of time before we see entire teams rocking the AE 1 in unison.

The Adidas AE 1 gains popularity with each passing release and it's become apparent that Adidas has struck gold with this silhouette. The futuristic, yet simple design allows for endless color combinations and it's safe to say Adidas hasn't missed with these yet. It also helps to have a talent like Anthony Edwards rocking these night-in and night-out while making some of the most electric plays we see in the game today.

The Adidas AE 1 ‘3SSB' comes in a jaw-dropping iridescent color-changing hue over a while base. The shoes have a shimmer comparable to a pearl and they also display tie-dye patterns along the inner boot. Fans have compared these to cotton candy with their pink and light blue swirls, adding to how “sweet” these look on the court. Until we see a formal release from Adidas, sneakerheads will have to keep dreaming about getting their hands on these.

Per Adidas, the Adidas 3Stripes Select Circuit is a “three-stop travel team circuit for adidas sponsored teams to gain exposure in front of college coaches, media outlets and their peers. Teams face high level national competition allowing players to prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will ultimately face in college.”

We're excited to see another Adidas AE 1 hit the court to end the Regular Season and we're even more eager to see what Anthony Edwards and his brand will come up with for the Playoffs. Make sure to keep it locked with our Sneakers news for more breaking content!