Anthony Edwards is one of the league's rising stars as he's taken the NBA by storm. Between his stellar play and personality, many believe Edwards can be the face of the league. On top of that, he's been compared to Michael Jordan often, as they look similar and can jump out of the gym. NBA legend Isiah Thomas weighs in on the comparison and it turns out he doesn't like it.

During an interview on Sirius XM NBA Radio, Thomas claims he doesn't see any similarities between Anthony Edwards and Michael Jordan. The former Detroit Pistons point guard explains his reasoning in a short audio clip. The key differences are that Edwards is a better shooter at this age while Jordan was a better at the rim.

“[Michael Jordan and Anthony Edwards] games aren't similar to me… Just because they both jump high doesn't mean they're the same player.”

To be fair, Anthony Edwards is a better shooter than Michael Jordan was at 22 years old. But most of that has to do with today's game. Basketball is played more at the perimeter now and Edwards is benefiting by being a solid shooter from beyond the arch. Additionally, Jordan played in college before the three-point line was introduced at the college level. So, naturally, it make sense why Jordan developed his game around the rim.

With that said, it's not like Anthony Edwards' playing style is all that different from Michael Jordan. The Minnesota Timberwolves star can already score from anywhere and has a knack for making highlight dunks. But he's also still developing as a player at just 22 years old. So, it's safe to say Edwards has a bright future in Minnesota.

How Anthony Edwards and Timberwolves take Game 3 over Mavericks


Anthony Edwards
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Anthony Edwards already stated he plans to shoot more in Game 3 against the Dallas Mavericks. That might just be what the Timberwolves need to get back into this series. There were several moments in Game 2 where Edwards would pass the ball and it was either a turnover or missed shot.

It's time for Edwards to get aggressive and lead his team to a win. Falling 0-3 is less than ideal as no team in NBA history has ever come back from that big of a deficit. But luckily for the Timberwolves they have a stellar roster and the first two games of this series just as easy could have gone in their favor.

So, there's no reason to panic just yet for Minnesota. They'll have the opportunity to earn a win over the Mavericks on Sunday 8 P.M. Eastern. We should expect to see Anthony Edwards shoot early and often with Karl-Anthony Towns serving as a strong second option. If guys like Naz Reid, Mike Conley, and Jaden McDaniels step up too, then Minnesota should be able to get a big win in Dallas.