There's no denying the talent of Minnesota Timberwolves star big man Karl-Anthony Towns, even if the charismatic and increasingly popular Anthony Edwards seems set to usurp his position as both the primary offensive option and the face of the franchise.

However, while refrains about his defensive inconsistency (a problem held by the Timberwolves as a whole, in fact) were well-earned and have thus far hindered him from reaching his full potential, his health has been an even larger issue over the past several seasons.

It seemingly began at the genesis of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected him and his family like few others. Losing 50 pounds due to the illness, KAT was limited to just 35 games in the 2019-20 season. The next season, Towns suffered various maladies, from a throat infection to lower back injury, limiting him to just 50 games. Though he would bounce back and play in 74 games in 2021-22, in 2022-23 the former first overall pick dealt with a right calf strain for months, limiting him to just 29 total games.

No matter how much Towns may or may not need to improve on the defensive end, he must be able to stay on the court first, especially for the Timberwolves to reach the heights that they believe they can.

To that end, a recent report from Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic (on The Jon Krawczynski Show), Towns is now completely healthy:

“He said it several times, both publicly and privately as well as that he could just feel that that calf was not where it needed to be. And when I caught up with him in Las Vegas, he said that he was feeling fully healthy again, for the first time since before he was injured.”