Renowned artist Tina Turner passed away Wednesday at the age of 83 in her Switzerland home. Following the news of her death, attention turned to the lyrics of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's hit song Drunk in Love, where the couple referred to Turner, who was born Anna Mae Bullock, and her ex-husband Ike Turner's abusive relationship. Jay-Z's rap line, “I'm Ike Turner, turn up baby, no, I don't play, Page Six shares. Now eat the cake, Anna Mae said, ‘Eat the cake, Anna Mae,'” sparked controversy. The cake reference stemmed from a pastry dispute between Ike and Tina.

Beyoncé, who paid tribute to the late icon on her website, also expressed love, gratitude, and admiration for Tina's inspirational legacy. However, fans brought back their criticism of the couple for making light of Tina Turner's traumatic experiences. One Twitter user voiced disdain for treating the abuse as a joke. Another condemned the lyrics as disrespectful and horrific.

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This is not the first time “Drunk in Love” faced scrutiny. Upon its release, an edited version was necessary for British radio due to its content. In a 2019 interview with The New York Times, they asked Turner about the song. She then replied to it with apparent disappointment, saying, “Yeah, I'm not surprised.”

The controversy surrounding the song resurfaced with Tina's passing, with fans highlighting the insensitivity of referencing her abusive relationship. The lyrics have sparked a renewed conversation about the importance of respecting the struggles individuals face and the need to address them responsibly in popular culture.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé, known for their musical collaborations, have faced criticism in the past for various aspects of their work. As Tina Turner's fans mourn her loss and celebrate her legacy, they continue to call out the couple for their references to her traumatic past. It shows the need for sensitivity and awareness in artistic expressions.