Titans news: Derrick Henry is first player since LaDainian Tomlinson to score two TD's in less than 20 seconds
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Titans’ Derrick Henry is first player since LaDainian Tomlinson to score two TD’s in less than 20 seconds

Derrick Henry, LaDainian Tomlinson

The Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars were in a pretty tight game in the third quarter of their Week 12 matchup. With the Titans up 14-3, it was still anyone’s game. Running back Derrick Henry changed that quickly though.

It all started with a 74-yard touchdown run from Henry. Then the Jaguars fumbled the kickoff. The very next play was a seven-yard touchdown run from Henry again.

That gave the running back two touchdowns in just 16 seconds. He became the first player since a certain Hall of Fame talent to score two touchdowns in under 20 seconds. I’m talking, of course, about LaDainian Tomlinson, who scored twice in 15 seconds back in 2006.

It is never a bad thing to do something that hasn’t been done since Tomlinson on the football field. Many consider him to be one of the greatest and most dominant running back of all-time.

Henry isn’t exactly there just yet. However, he has been big play machine since starting his NFL career back in 2016. He has a large number of massive runs already, and will likely rack up plenty more.

With that in mind, it’s not the craziest thing to see Henry achieve something like this. His big-play ability means he’s liable to score on any play at any moment. Of course, you have to give credit to the special teams for getting him the ball back so quickly as well.

With Henry’s quick scores, the Titans suddenly had a 28-3 lead. That effectively turned a close game into a blowout in mere seconds, 16 to be exact.