Titans news: On TNF, Marcus Mariota nearly matched 2018 total in one statistical category
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On TNF, Titans’ Marcus Mariota nearly matched 2018 total in one statistical category

Marcus Mariota, Titans

Marcus Mariota had a terrible night with the Tennessee Titans during their loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. There was very little which was significant about the game for the Titans other than a curious statistic that involved their quarterback.

No Checkdowns reported that the offense had little to no gas, to the point that Mariota was forced to make long passes in the game. He didn’t do much of that last year.

It’s rare that a quarterback has to throw severe down-and-distance passes, but the team’s inability to produce on offense explains this statistic — it is definitely something Marcus Mariota is not happy to face.

After the past couple of games, questions have been raised as to whether Mariota can still lead the Titans’ offense. You can definitely expect these questions to increase after a shambolic showing against the Jaguars.

The Titans’ offensive coordinator, Arthur Smith, blamed himself for the Titans’ offensive deficiencies after their loss to the Indianapolis Colts. However, Marcus Mariota took the high road and didn’t allow him to take all the blame.

“It’s definitely not (all on Arthur),” Mariota said. “It really comes down to us execution wise. We’ve got to do a better job. Art, we love that guy for who he is and what he means to us as a team, but he doesn’t deserve all the blame. We definitely have to execute better and find ways to help him out.”

The jury is still out on whether Mariota has lost his touch. It may depend on the next game against the Atlanta Falcons. Many will see if the Titans have to consider looking at other QB options.